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Chris Pongrac is the actor who plays Snoozy the bedtime bear for us. Chris was born in Albury, Australia, and moved to Canada in his parents' suitcase. 


He has over a quarter of a century of experience in performing comedy, selling comedy shows and producing thousands of performances across Canada and the U.S.A.

He has written material for many comedians, and has helped many performs with their craft, offering comedy workshops thru the agency he created in 1986, The Laff Inn Comedy Network. His agency was one of the  first independent agencies offering up to 40 shows weekly, across Ontario.

After travelling and performing, he was given the opportunity to work for a promotions company offering in-store demonstrations, quickly learning and then managing representatives across Canada. He was Canada's trainer for Da Vinci Jewelry, one of Twin Tower Trading's product lines. TTT is a worldwide multi-million dollar company, based out of Florida and responsible for most special products we see on TV. 

He is presently a partner with his better half, Cher, at Hammer-town Uneek Bouteek, a Hamilton, ON store with a little bit of everything for everyone. 

He continues to enjoy guitar, as he has brought it with him to stages around globe.

He has a working knowledge of Croatian, French and German. He still has a keen gift of word and performance that he continues to bring forward, as his passion carries on.

** All About  the Actor Chris Pongrac**